Real Estate agent bios that sell your services


Why bother with agent bios?

Simply put, because a properly written real estate agent bio can help you attract clients.

AND...they will be clients who are pre-disposed to like and trust you.

Are you a Secret Agent?

You already know that more than 90% of real estate buyers and a good percentage of real estate sellers begin their search on the web.

Buyers are searching for homes and sellers are making comparisons, trying to see what their own home is worth in today's market. Both buyers and sellers are looking for an agent they can trust to help them accomplish their goals.

And that is why the content of your agent bio is so important.

Real estate is a "people business" - with success depending not just upon technical expertise and skill, but also upon interpersonal relationships.

And because buyers, sellers, and their agents work so closely together, trust and even camaraderie are important elements. A good agent bio can set the stage for trust in three ways:

  • First, your well-written bio gives insight into how you gained the expertise you bring to the relationship. You're not just saying you know, you're showing why you know.
  • Next, it lets prospects know what they can expect from you and makes some specific promises.
  • Then it offers just enough of a peek into your non-professional life to let those prospects see that you're a real person - and possibly "like them" in some way.

Your specific professional promises are important because they show that you recognize and respect what your buyers and sellers want and need from you. But establishing some point of connection apart from real estate may be just as important.

Your prospects may see something in common with your past experiences, or with your present hobbies, volunteer work, or family activities. But no matter what sparks even a small connection, finding something in common helps create a pre-disposition to trust you. Humans naturally think more of people who are somehow "like them."

Why is creating a pre-disposition to trust so important?

Because it makes your job so much easier.

  • When you attract those who are pre-disposed to like and trust you, everything will move more smoothly. They'll be more open to following your advice and more timely in responding when you need their input.
  • When your clients like and trust you, you'll get more enjoyment from your work. You'll eliminate some of the stresses that are inevitable in real estate sales and will look forward to interacting with your clients.

If you've been selling real estate very long, I'm sure you have customers and clients you look forward to seeing, and some you dread calling. The ones who like and trust you are the ones you want to see.

The ones who are distrustful, who are critical, and who won't take your advice can cause you to think of 17 excuses why you can put off calling them or seeing them.

A generic bio is no help...

If all you share is a list of your designations and a generic statement such as "I'm dedicated to helping you reach your goals," your prospects have nothing to distinguish you from everyone else.

And, since they've heard those "I'm the best" statements so many times, they may even react with skepticism.

A carefully composed agent bio gives prospective customers an insight into who you really are - and draws the right people to you.

A successful agent bio weaves your past experiences, education and expertise into the benefits you bring to your customers and clients today. It paints a picture of who you are professionally and sets you apart from other agents - and then it offers a peek into who you are when you're not selling real estate.

But what if you're a brand new agent, with no experience?

You can still have a persuasive agent bio, based on who you are, what you know, and what you've done. Go here to see how I create bios for new agents.

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What about team bios?

Yes, that works. I believe each agent should have his or her own bio, but showing how the team works together is also a good idea. Here's North San Diego County's Pabalyn Team.

Your Agent Bio gives prospects one more reason to choose you.

If you have your own website, and I believe you should, your home page should offer reasons why you're the agent of choice in your community. But to be of interest to your visitors, that copy must be focused on your clients and their wants and needs rather than on you.

Your agent bio backs up those "reasons why" by offering information that doesn't belong on your home page. It is the one place on your website that you can talk about yourself, because that's what visitors came to read.

When you're ready for a "Better Bio" get in touch...

Weaving your education, experience, and personality into a compelling agent bio is one of my specialties.

Want to know the procedure?

So many agents write to ask "What do we do first" that I finally created a page with the answer. You'll find it right here.

Of course you need to know the price...

My fee for writing an agent bio is $325. That includes phone calls, research and review of your websites, testimonials, profiles on social sites (if you send me links) and of course your questionnaire. Follow the link above to see the procedure.

I look forward to helping you,

Marte Cliff, real estate copywriter

P.S. Go ahead and check out the Questions for Realtors list I use for both agent bios and websites. It will help you recognize the unique benefits you bring to the marketplace, so you can better focus all of your promotions.

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