The California Short Sale Letters

Things have changed in California,
but homeowners do still need you to short sell their homes.

*Agents in other non-deficiency states, please scroll to the bottom.

The California Short Sale letters will show them why.

When California passed SB 458, making it illegal for banks to sue for a deficiency on either a first or second mortgage, it was good news for homeowners facing foreclosure. The bank could no longer sue for a deficiency and leave them saddled with a crippling debt.

Unfortunately, some of those homeowners don't realize that they still do need to short sell.

They don't stop to realize that for up to 10 years, that foreclosure can prevent them from enjoying a whole lot of good things that life has to offer.

AND... Some who realize they do need to short sell don't realize that their choice of an agent is still vital.

They don't understand that while they no longer need you to "negotiate away" a deficiency, they still do need your strong negotiating skills.

Why? Because the banks can no longer sue for deficiency, and they can no longer demand that the buyers, the sellers, or their agents "kick in" funds.

With those options gone, asset managers are now holding out for higher prices.

The banks can still punish homeowners for buying at the wrong time and getting caught up in the whole mortgage disaster. Or - punish them for being in the wrong line of work and becoming unemployed as a result of the recession.

The truth is: Your negotiating skills are the only thing standing between those homeowners and foreclosure.

The California Short Sale letters will help them understand:

  • Why allowing their home to go into foreclosure is not in their best interests
  • Why they still need a skilled short sale agent.

These letters will also let those homeowners know that you can and will point them toward State and Federal programs that will allow them to keep their homes. They might wonder at your motivation for that, so the letter entitled "Why would a real estate agent help you keep your house" answers the question.

The California Short Sale Real Estate Letter Set consists of 9 letters, most of them short enough to fit easily on a postcard, if you so desire.

And at the low price of only $47 for 9 letters, even if you have just the listing side of a $50,000 sale they'll pay for themselves more than 20 times over with the first closing.

So get your letters today. Both your bank account and the homeowners you save from foreclosure will thank you for it.

* If you are in a different non-deficiency state:

Each state has it's own variations. If yours does not allow deficiencies on either first or second liens, and it doesn't matter if the property is a primary residence or not, use these letters and edit for your state name.

If your state has a different variation of the rules, I'll be happy to adjust these letters to fit. Just send me links to the regulations.

Wishing you boundless prosperity,

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