For Sale by Owner sellers often get discouraged...
and the agent who is there, in the "Right place at the right time" gets a new listing.

Real Estate For Sale by Owner Letters Will Help You Capture Those Listings

Following up consistently on every lead is the one sure way to "Be in the right place at the right time" to get the listing. So why aren't all agents doing it?

Why do the real estate prospecting letters and e-mails to FSBO sellers never get sent?

Because crafting a good real estate letter takes time. It also requires focus - time with no distractions. And that time is something most busy agents just don't have.

If you haven't found the time and focus to write your own for sale by owner letters, I have good news...

Now you can have your entire FSBO follow-up campaign
up and running by tomorrow - without having to write anything except your own contact information.

Introducing: The For Sale by Owner Letters

In this set of pre-written real estate prospecting letters, you get a fast and simple solution to gaining the trust and confidence of sellers who are trying to go it on their own. By offering advice along the way, you'll put yourself in the perfect position to list their homes when the job becomes more than they can handle.

Starting with a free report entitled "For Sale by Owner: Getting Started" this set will not only keep you in touch with those whose homes you most want to list, it will show them that you are the expert they need.

When your for sale by owner letters point out the various tasks that need to be performed in order to effectively market a home, they'll come to realize that they may not be up to the task, but that you are, and you know how to market effectively.

Instead of the loud hype, high-pressure, and empty promises they've heard from other agents, your FSBO letters will offer answers. At the same time, they'll encourage those FSBO sellers to let you take this huge job off their hands.

The for sale by owner letters will also pave the path to getting the listing priced right, and the home in "show-ready" condition before you offer it to the market. Your job will be easier, because the sellers will understand what needs to be done.

The FSBO Prospecting Letter set includes:

  • The "For Sale by Owner: Getting Started" report
  • 11 letters, ready to customize
  • The Seller's Checklist
    Want to see a sample?
Here's letter #3 in the series.


These FSBO letters were originally written to be used with an email autoresponder. However, since you might prefer to mail them to people who have called, people whose homes you've visited, or addresses where you've seen a sign, I've added 3 new versions of the special report: One for each of those contingencies.

So what do they cost?

Very little, especially in terms of the hours you'spend writing them yourself, or the dollars you'd spend having real estate letters custom-written just for you.

Because of the state of the economy and the fact that these letters are non-exclusive, I've priced them so low that even a beginning agent can afford them.

Thus... the price for all eleven letters, three different versions of the Special Report, and the Seller's Checklist is just $97.

That's right, under seven dollars each for letters and reports that can skyrocket your listing rate on FSBO's.

Get your for sale by owner letters today and start mailing them tomorrow... They'll be electronically delivered to you in Word format within a zip file, so all you have to do is unzip, cut, paste, and customize.

Please note: You are purchasing a license to use letters which are Copyright Marte Cliff. You are NOT purchasing resale rights.

Wishing you boundless prosperity,

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