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Investors - Are your "We buy houses" postcards
failing to bring in leads?

houses an investor wishes to buy

It could be that you need to overcome a common perception

What do you think most people think when they see "We buy houses in any condition?" I think their first thought is something along the lines of: "Sure, for half price." They may also assume that you're only looking for fixer-upper homes or homes whose owners are in a distressed situation.

Since selling to you really could be the best solution for many homeowners, I wrote a set of 5 letters to help you show them why selling to you could be more beneficial to them than listing with a brokerage.


These letters focus on issues such as:

As these letters outline the drawbacks of listing with an agent and waiting for a sale, they remind those homeowners that you can and will bring them an offer within a day or two, and that you can close within days or weeks.

Of course they stress the fact that calling you carries no obligation - they can see what you have to say before making any decisions.

How much? Only $37 for all 5 letters.


Wishing you boundless prosperity,

P.S. If you're focused on homes in probate, vacant homes, or homes owned by divorcing couples, take a look at our niche-specific letters:

P.P.S. Yes, of course I can help you with both web copy and customized prospecting letters - just get in touch. Write me

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