Do you have the expertise to close short sales on multifamily properties?

Let those owners know with the Multifamily in Default letters

You already know - Successfully closing a short sale on multifamily properties requires an agent with two kinds of expertise:

  • Marketing multifamily property
  • Dealing with short sales
If you have expertise in both these areas, those distressed multifamily property owners need your help, and they need it soon!

Going into foreclosure on investment property can be far more financially damaging than going into foreclosure on a residence. Even states that don't allow deficiency judgements on homes allow them on income properties - putting those property owners and their financial futures in serious peril.

But do they know the danger?

  • Do they know that from the beginning of the foreclosure process through the final sale their property will be racking up costs that will be deducted from the final selling price before the bank determines the extent of their deficiency liability?
  • Do they understand that the bank will list that REO with an agent who may not have the faintest idea of where to find a buyer for a multifamily property - so it will sit on the market for months while the costs grow?
  • Do they realize that every few weeks the bank will reduce the price - and increase their deficiency?
The Distressed Multifamily letters will tell them.

Some sellers don't realize those facts, nor do they realize that selling income property takes more knowledge than selling residences to owner-occupants. These letters point out that fact. They also point out the fact that negotiating a short sale is a talent that not all agents possess. Listing with the wrong person leads to failure. These letters point out those facts.

At only $47 for all 5 real estate prospecting letters, these letters can pay for themselves many times over - and the best part is that when you order today, you can have them loaded into your autoresponder, working for you, within the next hour or so.

Those distressed multi-family property owners need your help - so reach out to them. Order your "Multifamily in Default" real estate prospecting letters right now, and put them to work.

Wishing you boundless prosperity,

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