How to Turn Web-surfing Real Estate Buyers Into YOUR Buyers

Just because buyers visit other sites after yours is no reason to let them forget that you're the agent they need.

Your website shows buyers that you offer the personal and professional service they seek.

  • Your copy showcases the benefits you bring.
  • Your testimonials sing your praises.
  • Your agent bio allows visitors to see that you're "their kind" of person.

But that isn't always enough to keep them from visiting another site, and another site. Web visitors do that. And the chance that they'll forget to return to your site is pretty high.

And that means...

Unless you take action, they're apt to call the wrong agent!

If those home buyers have browsed several sites, they're apt to forget which agent impressed them. That means they're likely to call the first number they see when they spot a house that interests them.

Don't just hope that your visitors will come back to you when they're ready to buy. Instead, do something to ensure that they can't forget you - or the exceptional service you provide.

How can you make them remember you?

With drip marketing, of course.

It's easy to capture your visitor's names and email addresses. So why not start sending them useful information, along with your offer of service?

Your property search function probably gives you a way to capture visitor names and email addresses. It may even give you a way to send pre-written messages. If not, it only takes a few minutes to set up a web form using tools from your auto responder service. And when you offer good information, your visitors will opt in.

Buyer Letter Sets Offer Useful Information -
and Keep You on Buyer's Minds

This time, instead of creating an 18-Letter set like the Seller's Letters, I've created shorter sets that you can use alone, or by stringing them together in your auto responder.

Buyer letter set #1 - Preparation for Buying

The first set in this series asks and answers the question "Is NOW a good time to buy." Then it explains why becoming pre-approved is so important, and gives helpful tips for streamlining the home search. Here are the contents:

  1. Is now a good time to buy?
    This letter outlines why this is a good time to buy, but not might not be a good time for everyone.

  2. The first step toward home ownership - Pre-approval
    This letter discusses finding a lender, what to take along on the first visit

  3. Why pre-approval is critical in today's market
    Even buyers searching for a second or third home need to be pre-approved today. Here's why.

  4. Finding your new home - Focus on location
    This one discusses choosing the location before you begin narrowing home choices.

  5. Finding your new home - Focus on features
    Encourages buyers to make two lists - the "must have's" and the "nice to have's." It goes on to explain how you knowing what they need and want can save time in the home search. This letter comes with a buyer checklist that you can attach or add as a continuing page in the letter.

  6. Why use a buyer's agent?
    The service they can expect when they use you as their buyer's agent.

  7. Once you're pre-approved.. This letter warns buyers against doing anything to change their financial status after they're pre-approved for that home loan.

And now... Each of the first 6 letters comes in two versions: One very short and one with a more detailed explanation. You can choose which suits you best.

Unlike my First Time Buyer Letters,which are geared toward consumers who have not purchased a home before, these letters are suitable for any buyer who visits your site. And at only $37 for the set of 7 letters, you can't go wrong.

Get your letters now, and have them personalized and ready to start helping you build your business within the next hour.

One more thing... Drip Marketing Campaigns are Not JUST for web visitors.

These buyer letters are also perfect for following up with open house visitors - or anyone you meet who tells you they're thinking of buying. All you have to do is let them know you have some useful information to send and ask for their email addresses.

(There's just one thing to remember - be sure to choose an autoresponder service that allows you to input names.)

Remember, marketing today is all about creating relationships built on trust - and these letters will help you do just that.


Need More?

Buyer letter set #2 - Choosing Between Distressed and Non-distressed Homes

With 6 different kinds of listings to consider today, buyers are getting all kinds of advice. Some is good, some is simply more confusing. This set of letters outlines the 6 choices and gives the pros and cons of each.

  1. Short Sale, Bank-owned, a "Flip," or a "Normal" Listing - Which Should You Choose?
    A brief over-view of the differences between them.

  2. What is a Short Sale?
    The benefits and drawbacks.

  3. Buying a Bank-owned home
    The benefits and drawbacks.

  4. Is it Safe to Buy a "Flip?"
    Defines "flip" and cautions what to look for.

  5. Non-distressed, owner-occupied homes
    Usually safer, but as your buyer's agent I'll still help you proceed with care.

  6. Non-distressed, Owner non-occupied homes
    A discussion about rental properties and inherited homes.

  7. New Construction
    A lot of fun, but there are some things to watch out for.

  8. The summary
    This letter talks about what you'll do to help them find and purchase their new home.

You could write letters like these yourself, but...

Since you haven't done it, there's probably a reason.

Maybe you don't have time - a good letter does take at least a couple of hours by the time you write, re-write, edit and polish.

Maybe you just don't like to write - so you put it off to do another day.

Whatever the reason - now's the time to stop thinking it's something you have to do yourself. This is one of those projects that can be delegated. And at $47 for what could well be 8 to 16 hours of work, it only makes sense.

Wishing you boundless prosperity,

P.S. Not the letters you need? Choose from more than 40 other sets right here.

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