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The "Notice of Default With Equity" Set

Prospecting from notice of default lists? Use these letters for homeowners who still have some equity.

This real estate letter set is designed for those homeowners who purchased before prices skyrocketed - or who made large down payments. They're the ones who do have some equity in their homes, but who may be so discouraged that they aren't trying to sell their homes.

Part of getting their business is convincing them that they shouldn't give up.

You may not be able to put a lot of money in their pockets - you won't know until you've done a CMA and seen what they owe. But by getting them to list quickly, you probably can salvage something for them. And... you can keep them from having a foreclosure on their credit records.

The Notice of Default With Equity Letters explain the three problem areas that when done incorrectly, will prevent homes from selling:

Then they show how to approach those three areas correctly.

This set of 8 real estate letters is designed to encourage these homeowners not to give up - but to call you for a market analysis. They stress the fact that until they know their home's current market value, they won't know if there is equity to be salvaged. They also stress that calling you carries no obligation to list their homes.

titles of real estate letters

Each letter in the set builds upon the last - reminding these homeowners that they do have some time and showing them how, if their listing is handled correctly, they should be able to sell quickly and avoid foreclosure. They're designed to be sent in the following order:

#8: The 8th letter in this set, "When you've already tried to sell," is only for homeowners who have had their homes listed previously. I suggest sending it out in the #2 position, because these homeowners may believe there is no use in trying.


How to Use Your Real Estate Prospecting Letters

Prospecting for new listings is vital to your business. But when you're busy, it can be difficult to keep up. That's why so many agents find themselves on an income roller coaster.

So here's a simple way to use these letters,or any of the other sets,to make sure that you keep new business coming your way:

When you download your real estate letters, set up a file and label it "Notice of Deafult with Equity Letters." (Or something else you'll remember easily.)Then go in immediately and add your contact information in the appropriate places, so they're ready to go.

When you see a new notice of default that appears to have equity...

As soon as you have the name and address, create 7 or 8 envelopes, addressed and ready except for the stamp. In the spot where the stamp will go, pencil in the date when each letter should be mailed.

Now, go to your letters file, enter the homeowner's name on each of the letters, print it, and put it in the proper envelope. Mail letter #1 immediately. Then, each morning, check your "pile" to see which of your letters needs to be dropped in the mail.

I recommend sending the first letter, waiting 2 days to send the next, and then 2 days before the next, then spacing out 3 or 4 days between the rest of the letters. This will help you maintain top of mind awareness without becoming annoying.

You could write these real estate letters yourself...

But will you? And if you do, how much time will it take away from face-to-face contact with clients who are ready to buy or sell?

The entire "Notice of Default With Equity" set is priced at only $67 - for all 8 letters. And you can have them all personalized and ready to go within about an hour of your purchase.

If you're serious about reaching those homeowners, these real estate letters are the fastest, simplest, most effective way to get moving. So order your set today, and start mailing letter #1 tomorrow...


P.S. I know you only want to send quality letters - after all, they represent you.

I also know that there are some pretty awful letters for sale out there, so I don't blame my customers at all when they say they'd like to see a sample prior to ordering. Just so you don't have to write and ask... I've posted letter #3 of the set.


Please note: You are purchasing a license to use letters which are Copyright Marte Cliff. You are NOT purchasing resale rights.

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Please note: You are purchasing a license to use letters which are Copyright Marte Cliff. You are NOT purchasing resale rights.