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What do most Expired Listing owners have in common?

They're disappointed, discouraged, and probably a bit miffed at real estate agents in general.

After all, an agent promised to sell their home, then let them down.

That's why the expired listing letters you send in an effort to list their homes have to do a lot more than say "Here I am, I'm wonderful, hire me." Instead, they have to build some trust and show those homeowners that you're the agent who knows how to get the job done.

It takes a bit of time and thought to write expired listing letters like that, and busy agents don't always have that kind of time.

So, since I'm a real estate copywriter, I wrote them for you...

Introducing: The Expired Listing Letters

Starting with a free report entitled "Why Didn't it Sell?," this real estate letter set offers a fast and simple solution to following up with expired listings. These real estate prospecting letters will not only keep you in touch with those whose homes you most want to list, they will show them that you are the expert they need.

When your letters point out the reasons why homes expire off the market, and what should have been done differently, those disappointed homeowners will come to realize that (unike their previous agent) you know how to market effectively.

Instead of the loud hype, high-pressure, and empty promises they've heard from other agents, your expired listing letters will offer solutions. At the same time, they'll encourage those discouraged sellers to contact you and get that house sold.

These real estate letters will also pave the path to getting the listing priced right, and the home in "show-ready" condition before you offer it to the market. You'll pity the agent who tried to market the home before the sellers eyes were opened, because you'll have a much easier time finding a buyer.

Real Estate Expired listing special report

The Expired Listing Prospecting Letter set includes:

  • The "Why Didn't it Sell Report
  • Selling A Home in Today's Market
  • How to Price a Home to Sell
  • Curb Appeal Creates Expectations
  • Declutter Now!
  • Presentation Can Make or Break a Sale
  • Staging Your Home for a Quick Sale
  • Marketing to Attract Buyers, and Agents With Buyers
  • Your Agent's Reputation Matters
  • Negotiating a Real Estate Sale
  • Preventing Escrow Fall-out
  • The Seller's Checklist
                  Want to see a Sample?
Here's letter #8 in the series...

You can use the expired listing real estate letters either in postal mail or in e-mail follow-up campaigns.


Marte, Just wanted to let you know I have one listing and two possible others from the letters I have been sending. I am now sending out the 4th. YEAH!!!

Sue, writing from Florida, and hoping her competitors don't catch on!

What do they cost?

If you hired a real estate copywriter to create custom letters such as these, you'd pay anywhere from one hundred to several hundred dollars per letter, depending on the real estate copywriter you chose.

But in today's shaky economy and strange real estate atmosphere, spending that kind of money is too scary - even though expired listing letters can easily double, triple, or quadruple your listing success.

That's why I decided to create real estate prospecting letters that you can customize and use, and offer them at a price that's a no-brainer.

Thus, the price for all ten expired listing letters, the Special Report, and the Seller's Checklist is just $97.

That's right, under ten bucks each for real estate letters and reports that can skyrocket your listing rate on expireds.

Get your expired listing letter set today and start mailing them tomorrow... They'll be electronically delivered to you in Word format inside a zip file, so all you have to do is cut, paste, and customize.


Note* If the listings you seek are multi-family properties, you may want to choose my Expired Multi-family Listings set instead.

Wishing you boundless prosperity,

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Please note: You are purchasing a license to use letters which are Copyright Marte Cliff. You are NOT purchasing resale rights.

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