Expired Listing Letters for Multifamily Property Owners

Not Everyone Has the Skills to Market and Sell Multifamily Properties

The trouble is, sellers don't always realize that, so they list with the wrong agent.

If you're experienced in selling multifamily properties, you know the skills you've had to develop in order to be successful. And you're probably frustrated when you see multifamily listings going to agents who don't know how to present them to the market.

Sellers, however, don't always realize that a person can be extremely succesful in selling single family residences, and not know the first thing about selling multifamily properties.

If you want to rescue those sellers and list those properties when they expire off the market unsold, you're going to have to show them the difference.

And that's why I wrote a set of 5 real estate letters to help you reach them.

You can't tell them their last agent was incompetent - that would make you look terrible. Instead, you need to point out the differences in pricing, presentation, marketing, and negotiating. And of course, you need to demonstrate that you do know how to get their properties sold.

The "Expired Multifamily" real estate letter set covers the basics with these titles:

  • Do You Wonder Why Your Multifamily Property Didn't Sell?
    Introduces the 4 elements and the difference in presentation between a single family home and a multifamily property.

  • Selling Multifamily Property is Different From Selling Single Family Homes
    Investor buyers are looking for different things, and looking in different places.

  • There's a Reason Why Your Multifamily Property Didn't Sell
    It might have been the price - the difference in pricing methods

  • Did You Have a Buyer, But Not a Sale?
    How an experienced agent can hold the sale together after appraisals and inspections.

  • When an Investment Property Doesn't Sell, It's Time To Determine Why
    A recap of the previous letters and an offer to prepare a market analysis.

You can use these real estate letters both as postal mail to property owners whose listings have come up as expired in your MLS, and as drip marketing email, via your website. You can entice them to leave their name and email address with a simple capture box and the question: "Do you wonder why your multifamily property didn't sell?" or a statement: "Learn why your multifamily property didn't sell."

Letter #2,"Selling Multifamily Property is Different From Selling Single Family Homes" can also be used as a stand-alone or as a part of your listing presentation.

At only $47 for all 5 real estate prospecting letters, these letters can pay for themselves many times over - and the best part is that when you order today, you can have them loaded into your autoresponder, working for you, within the next hour or so.

So stop letting residential agents take your multifamily listings!

Order your "Expired Multifamily" real estate prospecting letters right now, and put them to work.

Please note: You are purchasing a license to use letters which are Copyright Marte Cliff. You are NOT purchasing resale rights.

One more thing...

If you want to reach multifamily property owners who haven't yet made the decision to sell, use these Multifamily prospecting letters.

Wishing you boundless prosperity,

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