First Time Home Buyers Can Turn Into Customers for Life

Gain their loyalty when you gain their trust - and help them make their home buying dreams come true...

Dear Real Estate Professional,

With all the confusion and uncertainty in the housing market, your first time homebuyers may need a little help to decide if the time is right to make the move.

And of course it is. Even though the first time homebuyer credit is a thing of the past, those first time buyers who act now can put themselves in a very beneficial position. Within just a few months we may be seeing higher interest rates. And, unless we see a new wave of foreclosures, home prices will begin to rise as well.

With houses at "fire sale" prices and the lowest interest rates in decades, now is absolutely the time to invest in a home - as long as you plan to stay in the community for the forseeable future. You and I both know that those who could have purchased a home now but waited will be kicking themselves in a couple of years.

After all just a 1% rise in interest rates will shave thousands of dollars off the price your buyers will qualify for.

That means you need to get those folks off the fence and moving - before prices and/or interest rates rise and the opportunity disappears.

But you need to approach them gently, because those who didn't jump into homeownership with the first time homebuyer tax credit are probably the more cautions, timid types. They need guidance from a real estate professional they can trust.

first time buyers

You can build that trust by sending them real estate letters designed to help them make good decisions. While other agents are using hard-sell techniques, you can position yourself as a guide and advisor - someone who won't steer them wrong just to make a commission.

The good news is, I've written those real estate letters for you.

And, when I revised the letters to remove the reference to the homebuyer tax credit, I decided to add one more letter. Then I thought about it and added one more - PLUS copy for a flyer you can use on a door hanger or when you meet with apartment dwellers.

So now, instead of 4 letters for only $37, there are 6 letters plus flyer copy - still for only $37.

Now you don't have to sit in front of a blank screen trying to think of what to say when your time would be better spent face to face with buyers and sellers, out in the marketplace previewing homes, or enjoying a relaxing evening with your loved ones. And, at only $37 for all 6 letters, you don't have to feel guilty about not doing the writing yourself.

The letters are written and ready for you to cut and paste onto your letterhead or into an email. And since they're an electronic download, you can have it done within the next hour.

This set includes:
  • Is it Time for You to Buy a Home?
    Questions buyers should ask themselves before they decide.
  • Why You Need a Buyer's Agent
    Explains the benefits of having an experienced guide.
  • Getting Prepared to Meet With a Lender
    A list of documents they'll need, and an offer of help in locating a lender.
  • Be Concerned with the Payment, Not the Real Estate Market
    Explains why it doesn't matter if prices drop.
  • Determining How Much You Really Should Pay For Your New Home
    This advice shows that you're interested in finding a home they can comfortably afford, even if they spend a little less.
  • The Call to Action - If you're ready, make these decisions, then call me!

As you can see, each letter is designed to build trust in you. Each shows that while now is a good time to buy, you aren't going to try to pressure them into anything.

You can use the first letter to capture leads with an autoresponder on your website, or you can begin sending to individuals you know are in the thinking stages. Either way, these letters will position you as the agent to trust.

So get your letters today, and get busy!

Here's to your success,

Marte Cliff

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