Relocation is not just for major corporations -
If you have a school, you have a source of relocation buyers

If you have a major corporation in your market area, you know you have relocating buyers coming in to town.

But even if you don't, you probably have new teachers coming in to your schools each year.

Developing a relationship with the human resources people at both the corporations and the school district offices could give you the first chance at newcomers who need homes.

The first step is to develop that relationship - whether with a corporation or the school district.

To help you get started, I've written a free real estate letter you can use as your introduction. In it, you'll offer to provide their new employees with information that Internet searches can't give them.

Your letter will show how and why your assistance will shave days or even weeks from the home search - leaving those new employees free to focus on their duties at work.

This real estate letter is free, with my compliments. Just add your name and e-mail address to the box below, and you'll be taken to a page with a link to the letter and instructions for using it. (You'll also be opting-in to my free weekly real estate marketing ezine - but of course you can opt back out if you don't want to read about marketing.)

Once You Have the Names, Send These Real Estate Letters...

Grabbing and hanging on to those prospective buyers once you have their names doesn't need to be difficult, either. Not when you can have a set of 5 relocating buyer prospecting letters, all written and ready to personalize and send - for only $47.

In keeping with today's trend toward creating relationships and trust, these real estate letters are all written as an offer of service - outlining the benefits to the buyers when they choose you as their agent.

Each letter answers every potential customer's biggest question when reading any kind of sales material: "What's in this for me."

Here's what you'll find in the relocating buyer real estate letter set:

  • Letter #1: This letter reminds buyers that Internet searches don't give all the information they need. Then it makes your offer to supply the missing information.

  • Letter #2: Repeats and reinforces the information in letter #1 - In a little different way.

  • Letter #3: This one offers to be the buyer's advance eyes - Using their want and wish lists, and narrowing the search based on condition.

  • Letter #4: While this offer may not apply to all of your potential buyers, it will demonstrate the level of care that you'll give. It talks about screening the list of potential homes for health hazards for buyers or household members with allergies.

  • Letter #5: Offers to take yet another burden from their shoulders. It's your offer toput them in touch with mortgage brokers who will work with them long-distance, so they can be pre-approved and ready to buy by the time they arrive in your city.

  • Letter #6: This one is a "bonus" letter because you shouldn't send it to everyone. It's an offer to get them information on school districts and to conduct your search in the school district they prefer. Send this real estate letter only to prospects who have let you know that they have children.

  • The buyer's checklist - another bonus with your 5-letter set
    This spreadsheet enables buyers to clarify their wants and needs, so they can let you know what matters most in their home search.

    HINT* Offer this as a "freebie" to capture names on your site. And of course, you can use this checklist with all your buyers - even those who already live in your community.

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When you order the relocation letter set, you'll get 5 real estate letters to send to every relocating buyer prospect - whether their names came to you from:

  • a corporate office
  • the school district
  • a capture form on your website
  • a referral
  • a homes magazine ad
  • a phone call or e-mail out of the blue
At the low price of $47, you'll be investing less than $10 each for letters that would cost upwards of $200 each if you had them custom-written just for you.

And ... each one of those letters is designed to show relocating buyers how you'll make their home search faster and easier - while assuring that they find the home they want.

As a FREE bonus, you'll get the "If you have children" letter plus the buyer worksheet.

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If you serve out of town buyers, you'll use these letters over and over. And the best part is, you can load them into an autoresponder to be delivered even when you're busy with other clients.

Wishing you boundless prosperity,

P.S. If you're prospecting to sellers as well as buyers, check out all the real estate letters for sellers on my prospecting page.

P.P.S. Yes, of course I can help you with customized prospecting letters - just get in touch and I'll create one or a hundred just for you. Write me at:

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