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Pre-written Real Estate Prospecting Letters
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Who doesn't love a free sample?

You already know there's a big difference in real estate letters. Some are good and some were written by people who don't know a purchase and sale agreement from a parking ticket.

That being the case, it seems only fair to give you access to some samples.

Of course I hope you'll like what you see and follow up by purchasing one or more of my pre-written real estate letter sets. But you don't have to. Accepting one or more of these free letters doesn't obligate you in any way.

You will be opting in to receive my weekly real estate marketing letter - but of course you can opt out at any time. And don't worry - accepting both letters won't get you two copies of my letter. My autoresponder will only send one per address.

So - go ahead and take these free real estate letters. Add your contact information and use them as-is or use them as the basis for your own personalized letters. And...if you want to begin creating your own drip marketing campaigns, be sure to take your free copy of the "how to" guide.

The First Time Buyer Letter

With all the "advice" your first time buyers are getting from the media, they may need a little help in deciding if the time is right to move from tenant to home owner.

And of course, if they're ready for home ownership, now is definitely the time to act.

As soon as you request the First Time Buyer Letter, you'll also get my free report: The Value of Your Agent's Reputation. Use it in your listing presentation, on your website, or to mail or email.

After the closing...

What advice do you give to home buyers at closing? Do you have a checklist or a letter for them, reminding them to take care of tasks such as changing the locks?

If you don't, now you do... and it's FREE for the asking.

The Sphere of Influence Building Letters

This set of 3 letters introduces you to other small business people who serve the same clients and prospective clients that you serve. But they do it with a different twist - one that gives rather than asks to get.

No small business person who wants to build his or her business will be able to resist your invitation...

Request your copies right here

An April "Keeping in Touch" Letter

Now part of a letter set designed to help you stay in touch with past clients and your sphere of influence, this April "Keeping in Touch" letter will keep you and your prospects healthier.

Just click here to read the letter, then copy it, paste it, and use it!

The Letter to Human Resources Directors

This letter outlines how you'll help new hires focus on their work faster by providing extra service during their home search.

Client Feedback Letters

After a closing it's good to know how you did - and of course it's good to get testimonials. The feedback form invites your past clients to rate your service and make comments. Then the two follow-up letters help to cement your relationship.

These letters don't even require an opt-in. Just come here to cut and paste them for your own use.

Free Samples From the Real Estate Prospecting Letter Sets

Maybe you're wondering what the letter sets say and how they'll present you as the agent to call. If so, read these samples:

Here's Letter #5 in The 18-Letter Seller Advice Set

Read letter #3 in The 10-Letter For Sale By Owner Set

Now check out letter #8 in The 10-Letter Expired Listing Set

If you like postcard-sized letters, try letter #3 in The Postcard-sized Expired Listing Letter Set.

Writing your own real estate prospecting letters?

Get my free report on how to write a drip marketing campaign.

Already know you want some help with real estate writing?

Choose from my selection of pre-written real estate letters - and come back often for more because more sets are added as agents let me know what they need.

Wishing you boundless prosperity,

P.S. Yes, of course I can help you with customized prospecting letters - just get in touch and I'll create one or a hundred just for you. Write me at:

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