Real estate professionals: Stay in touch with past clients and your sphere of influence…

Without annoying them by constantly asking for business.

You know you need to remain "top of mind" with all those folks.
If you don't, they'll forget that you're in the real estate business, and someone else will get the call when they're ready to buy, sell, or refer someone.

There's no doubt - it hurts when you learn that a past client or someone you considered a "friendly acquaintace" has chosen another agent - and it happens when you don't stay in touch.

But… if you keep writing notes reminding them that you want their business, they'll get fed up and start deleting (or tossing) your messages. No one wants to be hounded.

Keeping you in touch without annoying your contacts is the purpose of the "Event-themed Staying in Touch" Real Estate Letter set.

This set of 26 letters offers two choices for each month of the year - each focused on some event, holiday, or celebration.

Because most of them aren't the usual holidays and celebrations, and because they aren't run-of-the mill greetings, you'll be letting your contacts in on tidbits of information suitable for sharing in conversations with friends. (For instance, when and where they can go to win a prize for "hollerin'.")

Because everyone needs a Happy New Year greeting, I've included that as an extra - and since Easter could be in either March or April, the Easter letter makes #26 in the set. But again, it's no standard greeting. That letter lets you in on the origin of the Easter Bunny - and why he (or she)delivers eggs.

Only for the young at heart…

These letters are for agents who like to share a bit of fun, or even nonsense. If you're always "all business" and always serious, they aren't for you. It might not be in your character to share news about the annual cherry pit spitting contests.

In May your readers will learn the perfect day to do away with all those unmatched socks, and in September they'll learn about Emma Nutt. (Yes, a real person.)

November brings us "Clean out your refrigerator day" - a perfect prelude to Thanksgiving leftovers.

Want to see a sample? Click here to see how you can give yourself a health boost in April - and have a lot of fun doing it.

Or... check out this free letter for January and see what you and your readers can learn.

Two years worth of staying in touch...

If you like to stay in touch twice a month, you can do so with this set. Of course, it might be a bit much if you also send monthly market reports and a monthly or quarterly newsletter. Instead, you might want to let the set serve you for a full two years…

Set them and forget them.

Just think - once you enter the complete set into your autoresponder, you won't have to think about it again for 24 months. Your only task will be adding new names as your past client and sphere of influence lists grow.

What are you waiting for?

You can stay in touch with all your past clients and your entire sphere of influence, ensuring that they dont' forget you, and that they know how to contact you when the time is right. And you can do it for less than $6 per month. This entire set of 26 letters is only $129.

Please note: You are purchasing a license to use letters which are Copyright Marte Cliff. You are NOT purchasing resale rights.

Wishing you boundless prosperity,

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