Do You Have a Buyer for a House That Isn't Listed?

Use these letters to reach out to the homeowner.

We all know how frustrating it is to have a buyer and be unable to find that "just right" home.

residential neighborhood

We also know that some homeowners are thinking of selling, but haven't quite made up their minds.

This set of 6 letters is designed to reach out to those homeowners and let them know that you have buyers who want to live in their neighborhood and have been unable to find the right home. These buyers have have either expressed an interest in their home or your research tells you that their home might be "the one" for them. Some also offer to answer the question "What would my home sell for today?"

These letters also stress the fact that your buyers are either pre-approved or have cash, so could go forward with a purchase.They don't promise that the buyer will absolutely buy, but that he or she is interested and would like a closer look.

Each letter invites the homeowner to call and promises "no obligation" if they simply call to talk it over.

What's the price? Only $47 for the set.

If you don't have a buyer, this isn't the set to use. Instead, choose the Geographic Territory Farming Letters, or one of the specialized sets, such as the senior relocation letters or the letters to high end homeowners.

If what your buyers want is land, choose the "I Have a Buyer for Land" prospecting letter set.

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