Do You Have a Buyer for a House "in Distress" That Isn't Listed?

Use these letters to reach out to the homeowner.

We all know how frustrating it is to have a buyer and be unable to find that "just right" home.

real estate agent unable to find the home her buyer wants

We also know that far too many "underwater and in default" homeowners aren't even trying to sell their homes. They're just sitting there, waiting for the foreclosure notice because they think short selling would be too difficult.

This set of 5 letters is designed to reach out to those homeowners and turn them into home sellers before they face foreclosure.

Each letter stresses the fact that you do have a real buyer who has expressed an interest in their home. They don't promise that the buyer will absolutely buy, but that he or she is interested and would like a closer look.

Each letter invites the homeowner to call and promies that you'll explain the short sale process, help them determine a price their lender will accept, and negotiate on their behalf should they decide to go forward. And each one promises "no obligation" if they call.

If you don't have a buyer, this isn't the set to use. Instead, choose the Geographic Territory Farming Letters, the short sale letters or the Notice of Default letters.

What's the price? Only $37 for the set.

Wishing you boundless prosperity,

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