Do you specialize in marketing and selling multifamily properties?

If so, let those property owners know before they make the mistake of listing with an agent who only knows residential sales.

Not all sellers realize that the skills that sell single family residences are different from the skills you've developed in order to sell multifamily properties. So, they go ahead and list with a residential specialist.

Then their property sits on the market unsold.

If you want to rescue those sellers and help them get their properties sold, you need to help them understand the difference.

And that's why I wrote a set of 7 real estate prospecting letters to help you reach out to them.

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Along with pointing out your specialized skills, these letters suggest the reasons why they might want to sell, even while rents are climbing.

Then they warn those sellers that these conditions may not be around for long. High rents probably will, but the low interest rates could suddenly disappear. I didn't mention it in the letters, but with the way government has been trying to "fix" the real estate market, anything could happen. I sure wouldn't want to tell anyone that these low interest rates are here to stay.

So get your copy of the Multifamily Prospecting Letters, add your personalization, and start gathering new listings.

At only $47 for all 7 letters, you can't go wrong.

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Wishing you boundless prosperity,

P.S. Why not cover all the bases? In addition to your Multifamily prospecting letters, order the Multifamily Expired Listing letters. When you purchase both, you're entitled to 15% off your order. Just enter the coupon code: Wednesday.

And remember, I can help you with customized prospecting letters, web pages, brochures, postcards, newsletters, and agent bios - just get in touch and let me know what you need. Write me at:

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