Your Real Estate License is still shiny and new, so You Can't Talk About Your Years of Experience...

What you can talk about is the up-to-date knowledge you possess, your dedication to communication, and your commitment to aggressive marketing...

real estate agent smiling

Dear New Real Estate Licensee,

Are you sick of hearing agents talk about their years of experience - as if that made them smarter or more capable or more willing to do the work than you?

Does it irk you when a lazy "old" agent gets the listings you want, just because he or she can cite 20 years in the business?

If you're like me, it makes you want to go to those sellers and let them know that they've just hired someone who won't work for them. But of course you can't do that. Bad-mouthing another agent is a fast way to make yourself look bad.

So what can you do?

You can turn your "newness" into an advantage.

After all, real estate laws and practices are constantly changing - and as a new licensee, you're up to date on everything. And, since you aren't overly busy yet, you have the time to really know your market - to visit the homes for sale so when you prepare a market analysis, it will be accurate. You also have that spark of enthusiasm that's often missing in experienced agents.

How do you let those sellers know the advantages of working with you? With the "New Agent to Sellers" Letters.

This new letter set will stress the many benefits you bring to your sellers, and position your "newness" as an advantage to them.

The "New Agent to Sellers" letter set consists of 4 letters plus 5 handouts:

  • Letter # 1: Your introduction, a discussion of advice sellers get, and an invitation to get acquainted.

  • Letter # 2: Introduces the 3 elements of successful home marketing: Pricing, Presentation, and Promotion.

  • Letter # 3: A discussion of communication and an offer to stay in touch their way.

  • Letter # 4: A recap of the benefits you offer.

And then the handouts...

  • The special report: "How to Choose a Realtor"
  • The Seller Checklist - Preparing Your Home for Sale
  • "Before the first buyer..."
  • An Overview of Staging
  • The "Last Minute" List

"How to Choose a Realtor" gives buyers and sellers insight into how to evaluate any agent they are considering. And of course, all the things they should look for are services and attitudes you provide!

The Seller checklist is the overall list of items to clean, repair, and replace before the home goes on the market.

"Before the first buyer..." is advice on things to pack before anyone sees the home - including small items that could be stolen, valuable items that could get broken, and anything controversial.

The Overview on Staging discusses more about de-cluttering, colors, and making the home look "un-lived-in."

The Last Minute List is for sellers who have to get up and get going in the morning - and so can't be at home to straighten up in a hurry if you call and say you're coming by with a buyer.

These handouts can be used with the letters, given at the time of listing, or even used as a "bait piece" when you invite website visitors to contact you.

And at only $37 for the set, each document costs you less than a fast-food lunch.

These letters will position you as the agent who will get the job done.

So get your letters today, and get busy!

Here's to your success,

Marte Cliff

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P.P.S. With your purchase you'll also get a complimentary subscription to my weekly real estate marketing ezine. Of course, you can opt out any time you like.