Relocating Home Buyers Need Extra Help -
Offer it to Them With These Letters

Have you ever gotten a promotion or taken a job transfer that meant relocating to a new community - one you may not have even visited?

If so, you know it can be a scary situation, especially if you don't have much time to get there and get settled before beginning your new position.

Relocating buyers need far more
than the information they can get from an Internet search.

What they really need is a guide -

- A guide with their best interests at heart.

If you want to serve this niche, offer to be that guide.

You know that other agents may be contacting the same prospects. But that's OK, because most of them will send the same tired, "me-focused" letters. They'll send something that sounds like: "I'm a real estate agent in (name of city). I want to sell you a home."

When you make an offer of assistance instead of a request for business, you'll stand out from the others.

And now you can make that offer without agonizing over what to say.

When you use my new 5-letter set, you'll offer the help they need - and show them that you will be a valuable ally in their home search.

When you download your Relocation Letter Set, you'll find:

  • Letter #1: The basic offer to search, with a reminder that Internet searches don't give all the information they need. You'll supply the missing information as you help them narrow the search.

  • Letter #2: Repeats and reinforces the information in letter #1 - In a little different way.

  • Letter #3: Offers to be their advance eyes. Once you've created a list and narrowed the choices, you'll preview the homes to check on condition.

  • Letter #4: This one talks about allergies - and promises that if allergies are a problem for them or others in their household, you'll check for dangers before they arrive.

  • Letter #5: Offers to put them in touch with mortgage brokers who will work with them long-distance, so they can be pre-approved and ready to buy when they find the right home.

  • Letter #6: This one is a "bonus" letter because you can't send it to everyone. It's an offer to get them information on school districts and to conduct your search in the school district they prefer. Send this letter only to prospects who have let you know that they have children.

  • The buyer's checklist - a spreadsheet for buyers to use to let you know what matters most in their home search. HINT* Offer this as a "freebie" to capture names on your site. And of course, you can use this checklist with all your buyers - even those who already live in your community.

You could write letters like these yourself, but why take the time? The Relocation Letter Set is priced at only $47 - less than $10 per letter - and if you set these letters up in an autoresponder, you can begin collecting new buyer prospects in the time it takes to write just one good letter.

But don't stop with putting a capture form on your website. Use the time you'll save by not writing the letters yourself to find the names of HR people at local corporations - and don't forget the schools. Then connect with them in a way that shows them you'll help their new hires - not just ask for business.

To make that easier, I've written a letter that you can send to HR dirctors, too. And you can have it here, as a sample of my writing style. Just click here to go to my shopping cart, where you'll find the letter is FREE. (You'll also be opting-in to my weekly real estate marketing ezine - but of course you can opt back out if you don't want to read about marketing.)

Wishing you boundless prosperity,

P.S. Want to capture listings as well as buyers? Check out the selection of letters for sellers at Copy by Marte. With your purchase of any letter set you'll also receive a complimentary subscription to my weekly real estate marketing ezine. But of course, you can opt out at any time.

P.P.S. Yes, of course I can help you with customized prospecting letters - just get in touch and I'll create one or a hundred just for you. Write me at:

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