Prospecting Letters For Property Managers

When you're reaching out to owners of residential income property,
you have to show them why they'll be better off with your property management services than without.

This set of 7 prospecting letters will do just that.

Letter #1 begins the series with an overview of the reasons why your readers might be getting tired of acting as their own rental real estate manager. Then the set goes on to discuss each task in rental management with a little more detail - and to offer more "reasons why" your services will save them time and headaches - and increase their cash flow.

Letter #2 explains why being a "nice landlord" usually backfires. Then it mentions that when you're an owner/ manager, it's difficult to be friendly, yet firm.

Letter #3 stresses the importance of screening tenants, and how your screening methods will save them both headaches and money.

Letter #4 is all about setting rental prices and the difficulty of setting the right price when you don't have access to view comparable properties. You can see a sample here.

Letter #5 explains the importance of bookkeeping and the fact that you'll handle that task for them, so all they have to do is enjoy the cash flow. In case this is an optional service for you, the letter is written so you can easily add the word "optional."

Letter #6 stresses the importance of knowing and following the andlord-tenant laws, the fair housing laws, and the mandates of the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Letter #7 is a summary. It lists the many tasks you perform on behalf of your clients.

Of course, each letter invites the reader to call or email. And since it is so beneficial to let your website keep on prospecting while you're doing other things, each letter will work equally well in the postal mail or in an email drip campaign.

To use these prospecting letters in email drip marketing...

If you want to use these letters for gathering leads from your website, you might want to use #7, the summary letter, as your "free information" piece. Promote it with something like:

"Do you wonder what a Property Manager Can do for You?"

Then follow up with the other 6 letters, sent 2 to 4 days apart.

Start prospecting tomorrow...

Each letter is ready for you to customize and send. All you have to do is add your recipient's name (or the proper "insert name" code for your autoresponder) then add your name and contact information in the places indicated in red.

The entire set of 7 letters is yours for only $57 - so what are you waiting for?

Wishing you boundless prosperity,

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