Seller Service Letters

Which reason for sending seller service letters is more important?

Is it the fact that sending a series of short emails gives you the opportunity to reinforce points you made when you took the listing?

After all, a seller service letter reminding sellers to take out the trash and empty the cat's litter box before a showing is less offensive than calling to say "The buyers wouldn't even view the house after the smell of your cat's litter box hit them at the door!"

Or is the more important function simply staying in touch when you don't really have anything new to report?

If your market is fast-moving, this may not be an issue. But if showings are few and far between, it's a huge issue.

Back when I was a new agent, my broker and co-workers often did me the favor of leaving me alone at the office to take the calls and talk to anyone who wandered in. I might get a buyer or a listing, right?


Yes, right. What I often got was some variation of the following:

Me: "Good afternoon, XYZ Realty. This is Marte. How may I help you?"

Caller: "You can tell me how you people have the nerve to send me a letter asking me to extend my listing!"

"You've had my place listed for a year already, and this is the first time I've heard a peep from you."

"Forget it. I'm listing with someone else."

If I was lucky, they'd give their name before they slammed down the phone.

Then I could tell my broker which listing he was losing.

The fact is, if you're not showing their home every few days, sellers want and need regular reassurance that you haven't forgotten about it - or them.

And that's where this new letter set will come in handy.

Introducing: The Seller Service Real Estate Letters

Consisting of 22 letters, this set begins with a letter introducing your assistant and one asking for approval of their MLS profile. These two should obviously go out first.

Then it goes on to include 15 letters offering tips on presenting the house in it's best light and what to do before and during showings. Two more letters deal with the offer and inspection period. Three others offer advice on getting ready to move and packing.

My recommendations for using the Seller Service real estate letter set:

The first two letters should be sent directly from you, within a day or two of listing.

Then, the fastest and easiest way to use these letters is to load the rest into an autoresponder to be sent weekly after you've entered the client's contact information. But you may want to send them manually instead, so that you can alternate them with personal messages, your newsletter, or your market update.

In this case, you'll be using the letters to stay in touch on those weeks when you have nothing else to report.

Of course, you can do both. Your listing clients probably won't mind hearing from you more than once in a given week.

You can also use these real estate letters in your real estate blog

Some days it isn't easy to come up with a topic for your real estate blog. So use these letters as-is, or to jump-start a blog entry. Either way, they'll give your visitors information that you'd like all listing clients to read and heed.

What do these letters cost? Since they're not sales letters and will do more to keep your clients than to gain new ones, they're priced at only $57 for the entire set of 22. That's a mere $2.59 each. At that price, can you afford to spend the time to write your own?

No, you can't. Not if you have homes to show, listing presentations to make, inspections to attend, closings to monitor, or loved ones who'd appreciate your attention.

Get your Seller Service letters right now - and add a few more closings to your bank account this year.

Wishing you boundless prosperity,

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