Short Sale Prospecting Postcards

Agents tell me... "Too many people in our marketplace are getting a Notice of Default, then simply giving up."

  • How many homeowners in your market fit that description?
  • How many are letting their homes go into foreclosure - just because no one explained that they do have a better alternative?
  • How many will lose their homes to foreclosure because they think a short sale will cost them money they don't have?

And how many distressed homeowners can you save from foreclosure, if you can get their attention long enough to let them know the truth?

Foreclosure is devastating in so many ways… If you have the patience and expertise to help these people, don't you have a duty to reach out?

Perhaps you've been trying. If you've been writing them, perhaps some of them are too depressed to even open an envelope. If that's the case, switch to these postcards, or alternate the letters with postcards.

When printed on colored 5 ½ X 7" stock, they'll stand out in the mailbox - and perhaps get their attention long enough to give them the spark of hope that they need in order to take action.

And that's what this set of 5 short sale prospecting postcards is designed to do - to get their attention, so you can continue marketing and showing them not only why they should try, but why you are the agent to help them.

#1 explains the two beneficial alternatives to foreclosure: forbearance and short sale.

#2 explains that the only cost to the homeowner in a short sale is the cost of getting the house ready for market.

#3 tells how short selling gives the homeowner greater control of his or her future.

#4 gives the pros and cons of foreclosure vs. a short sale.

#5 explains why 40% of short sales fail to close - because they chose the wrong agent.

Once you've gotten their attention and gained a measure of their trust with the postcards, use your own letters or my Short Sale Letters to show them why your method of handling short sales is successful while so many others fail.

The short sale postcard copy is easy to use:

These 5 short sale prospecting postcards come to you in 3 formats:

  • In Publisher - so if you have the Publisher program you can proceed with customization, then print.
  • In PDF - so you can see how they fit on the card if you can't access them with Publisher.
  • In Word - so you can cut and paste the copy.

If you have short sale prospects in your email address book, you can also alter the copy for use in short emails.

So order yours today for only $37 - and see how many more distressed homeowners you can save from foreclosure.

Wishing you boundless prosperity,

P.S. Yes, of course I can help you with customized prospecting letters, web pages, brochures, postcards, newsletters, and agent bios - just get in touch and let me know what you need. Write me at:

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