Turn Tenants Into Homebuyers

...with informative prospecting letters


The tenants in your territory know that living under a landlord's rules isn't always fun. The list of what they can't do and what they must do is a long one. And there's no sense in trying to make their home a little nicer - because it doesn't belong to them.

Do they also know the dangers inherent in renting?

For instance, do they realize that their landlord might not be financially secure - so they could be evicted if their home or apartment is foreclosed upon?

Do they realize that the law of supply and demand is pushing rental rates upward, so the next time they renew their lease or rental agreement their rent could be considerably higher?

And do they know that since prices and interest rates are both down they can own a nice home - probably for less than they're paying per month in rent?

Do those who were forced to short sell realize that they may already be eligible to own a home? And do they realize that this time they could get a fixed payment as low as the adjustable rate payment they started with when they purchased at the top of the market?

This set of six tenant prospecting letters will tell them.

Each letter is a reminder of the disadvantages of remaining a tenant. Each also invites the tenant to get in touch with you to learn what they can buy today for no more than they're paying for rent. One touches on the fact that they may have been a homeowner before the mortgage crisis and encourages them to learn where they stand today. One is specifically for apartment dwellers.

Instead of writing your own letters, save time by downloading this set and having it ready to go within the hour. Your letters will arrive in Word within minutes of placing your order. All you'll have to do is personalize and save them to a prospecting file.

So what are you waiting for? At only $37 for all six letters, you can't go wrong!

Wishing you boundless prosperity,

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