Do You Want to Develop A Geographic Real Estate Territory?

It's a good idea - one that will save you both time and money. Creating a geographic territory can be one of the most rewarding, yet difficult, ways to build your real estate listing inventory.

Over time you can become the neighborhood expert that everyone depends upon, but when you begin to develop your territory, you're reaching out without having any idea if the people are interested in selling. And of course, many of them will not be interested. At least, not quite yet.

What's the solution?

Send them real estate letters that are gentle, not pushy. Offer worthwhile information. Create long-term relationships that will grow until the day each of those homeowners decides it's time to sell. Offer your friendship and assistance, and ask for their business without being pushy.

Here are the real estate letters you need...

Since you need that kind of letters, and since you're busy, I wrote those real estate prospecting letters for you.

Introducing: The Geographic Territory Real Estate Prospecting Letters

These letters are a little different from my other real estate prospecting letter sets, because in addition to personalizing the letters, you will need to do two things:

  1. Have your market report ready to send upon request
  2. Choose any or all of the 9 seller advice articles I've included and put them together to send upon request. Be sure to add your name and contact information to each of them, so they can't forget where they got the information!

What are the letter titles?

  • Are You Considering Selling Your House in (city name)?
  • National Real Estate News Can Confuse
  • If You Owe More Than Your Home's Current Value
  • Can't Decide to Stay or Go?
  • Whether or Not You Plan to Sell Soon...


Each letter offers your services today, but also encourages them to request your information and stay in touch even if they aren't ready quite yet.

Why? Because if you demand a listing appointment or else, you'll lose them. But if you offer to give them information without a commitment, you can get permission to send e-mail updates. Then you can keep yourself and your service on their minds, so they'll think of you when they are ready. And you can do it without the high cost of postage.

Successful marketing today is all about creating and nurturing relationships - and offering information without a commitment is one of the ways to do so.

What's the price for 5 farming letters plus 9 seller information articles? Right now it's only $67.

So order your letters today, map out your new territory, and get going!

Wishing you boundless prosperity,

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