Professional copy writing services

Who is Marte?

I'm a freelance copywriter dedicated to creating marketing materials that make money for my clients.

I got my start marketing my own real estate firm and then went on to using the power of words to raise money for the local animal rescue, revive the 4th of July celebration in our small town, and get my favorite candidates elected for office.

After 19 years in real estate, 9 of them as an owner/broker, I realized that writing and marketing had become the most exciting and challenging part of everything I did. So... I sold the real estate firm and turned to copywriting full time.

Now I write the web pages, agent bios, brochures, and real estate letters that help other real estate agents become successful. I write custom materials and also have a series of more than 40 different pre-written real estate letters for agents on a budget.

My job as a writer is to bring the customers to your website or get them to pick up the phone or send you an email ... so you can make them glad they got there. Write me or call me today at 208-448-1479 and we'll discuss how I can help you build your business!

For both fun and business, I enjoy "Playing in the rain" at Active Rain. There I meet real estate professionals from all over the country, and even the world. Come on into the rain and visit me at my Active Rain blog.

On the personal side...

When I'm not writing or playing with my dogs, I enjoy photography, gardening, horseback riding, and reading mystery novels.


I'm also a wife and mother. We have two exceptionally wonderful grown sons, and a beautiful grand-daughter.

Yours for success,


Marte Cliff, Copywriter to the Real Estate Industry


I specialize in making people happy to give you money for your exceptional service!