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How to avoid the holiday "slow time" in real estate
Quotes of the week
"The biggest mistake that you can make is to believe that you are working for somebody else."
E. Nightingale
"Policies are many, Principles are few, Policies will change, Principles never do."
John Maxwell
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An Interesting Way to Get More Listings
Recently Texas real estate agent Karen Ann Stone shared an unusual marketing method with her friends on Active Rain.

She said that on days when she's feeling silly or daring, she cleans her yard signs.

Yes, she takes paper towels and a bottle of spray cleaner and goes around to her signs, making a big show of cleaning them to a shine.

Because people aren't used to seeing such activity, neighbors come out to see what she's doing, and they start to talk.

So far, she's gotten a couple of new listings - and she expects to get more.
How to get on with it after a disappointment...
We've all had them - disappointments stemming from the loss of clients we "should" have had

And sometimes thinking about "why" something went wrong can really mess with our minds.

As our own worst critics, we can beat ourselves up for hours or even days.

This week I wrote a post about why that's a bad idea - and HOW you can escape from those unproductive thoughts and get on to serving the next client.
P.S. My 15 second method works with personal frustrations as well.
I hope you'll try it.

Does the traditional real estate "slow time" have to be slow for you?
When it's only two weeks until Thanksgiving and only 6 ½ weeks until Christmas. Does it have to be a "slow time" for your business?

Many agents think so, so they stop marketing themselves entirely. After all – who will pay attention this time of year? "Everyone is thinking about the holidays."

What I think that means is this is "Opportunity Time" for agents who want to keep right on working, gathering new clients, and setting up closings for January and February.
If you're fortunate enough to find buyers with cash, you could even be setting up closings for December.

Start with recognizing that some people still do need to buy or sell, no matter what the calendar says. In fact, those who have been transferred to your city and have new jobs starting in January may be very anxious to find a home quickly.

Likewise – sellers who have been transferred away can be very anxious to get their homes sold so they aren't paying double when they move to a new city.

These are what you call motivated clients. So what if there are fewer of them? The ones you get will be serious about buying or selling. You might just spend less time and make more money.

So send a letter to your past clients and sphere of influence – wishing them happy holidays and letting them know that you'll be "on duty" through the Holiday Season.

Then think of ways to be more visible in your community – and carry them out.
Here are just a few ideas:

Take part in the drive to gather toys for kids whose families are in dire financial straits – or help with a food drive. One of our local banks does a promotion every year to give turkeys to food bank recipients. I have no idea where they store them, but they buy and give one turkey for every turkey that their customers bring in to the bank.
If you've had a very good year, send a letter to your entire list asking for donations to the food bank or toy drive – and promise to match their donations.
Volunteer to be Santa or Mrs. Santa at a local event.
Hire a photographer and do Santa photos in your office.
(Or partner with an organizaqtion such as Rotary to handle the details while you provide the space.)
If you have a geographic area, take part in neighborhood events. Find something interesting that you can give away (with your name on it of course).
If there are no events, fill a few dozen small bags with holiday treats and deliver them to the folks in your neighborhood. Oriental Trading is just one of many sites offering inexpensive gift bags for treats.

Deliver poinsettias to your most loyal sources of referrals.
And then – keep prospecting!

Do You Have a Client Who Earns Money as an Amazon Affiliate?
Today many individuals and non-profit organizations pick up extra money by becoming an affiliate to big marketers like Amazon.
If you have an inkling that someone on your list is such an affiliate, ask them for a link to their site. You'll create good will, you'll give them a boost, and it won't cost you a dime.
The link to my favorite Amazon affiliate is now in my tool bar - so I won't have to hunt for it if I get the urge to shop.
Wishing you a wonderful week...
P.S. Now is a fine time to tune up your agent bio and the rest of your web pages. It's even a fine time to get a new brochure ready for the new year.
So get in touch! I'll help with all of it.
Copy by Marte, Priest River, Idaho

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