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Be ready for these unexpected Marketing Moments
Quotes of the week
"You can't get ahead, if you are trying to get even".
Unknown, but brilliant!
"Comfort comes as a guest, lingers to become a host and stays to enslave us."

Linguist, Lee Bickmore
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Capture those elusive marketing moments ...
Your client base and your sphere of influence are both made up of people you might meet at any time and in any place.
It might be in a waiting room – at a doctor's office or the garage where your car is being serviced. It might be at your cousin's baby shower or at the "19th Hole" at the golf club.
It might even be on an airplane as you head out to a well-deserved vacation, or next to the pool after you've arrived at your destination.
That means you could meet a prospective new client at a time when you aren't even thinking about real estate. It also means you could let the opportunity for a new client slip by and not even know it.
So how can you capture those moments?
By simply knowing ahead of time what you're going to say when the inevitable question comes up: "What do you do?"
You need a script.
You may dislike "canned" presentations – I do too. When I know a sales person is giving me a memorized script I quit listening. But this is one that you do need to create, practice, and memorize so that it flows naturally every time you hear "What do you do?"
If you simply say "I sell real estate" or "I'm a REALTOR®," you won't be telling them much, and you may even cause them to conjure up a negative image. So instead, create a script focused on who you help, how you help them, and where you do it.
A good script can lead to questions and conversation – and you might just have a new client.
So here's your challenge for the day:
Think about the who, how, and where that I mentioned above. Then create a 10 or 12 word script that conveys your value to your clients.
Once you think it's perfect, print it out and memorize it. Tape it to your monitor. Tape it to your bathroom mirror. Tape it to the visor on your car. Say it until it flows naturally.
Have I done this myself? Yes. When I left real estate to write marketing copy full time I learned pretty quickly not to say "I'm a copywriter" when someone asked "What are you doing these days?"
Some people simply looked at me with a blank expression. Others jumped on the idea and told me they might need help securing the rights to a song they wrote.
In our small town, no one had a clue what "copywriter" meant.
So here's my script: "I write marketing materials to help people all over the world grow their businesses."
Part 2 of this opportunity:
Ask the other person what they do. If there's any way you can see to help them or send some leads their way, say so and offer to pass their name along. And of course, if you might need their product or service in the future, mention that as well.
Ask for their business card. Then give them yours and invite them to send you more information. When they do, you'll naturally reply. At that point, you can also invite them to be on the list to receive your market updates.
By the way, if they don't offer a product or service, but are involved with a non-profit organization either as an employee or a volunteer, do the same.
You'll always make more friends with an offer to give instead of take.
Wishing you a joyful and profitable week,
P.S. Several agents have written or called this week to ask if I offer discounts on multiple purchases of my pre-written prospecting letters.
The answer is yes. The more you choose, the more you save. Just scroll to the end of the page to choose the coupon code you want to use.
Copy by Marte, Priest River, Idaho

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