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Drip Marketing Builds Trust - When It's Done Correctly

Trust is a rare and valuable commodity these days.

Every time we turn on the TV news, pick up a newspaper, or even log in to our own e-mail, we get another story about someone who has broken either public or private trust by lying, cheating, stealing, or abusing.

It's enough to make us all skeptical of everyone we meet - and that's just what it has done.

So... when you want a new customer you have to do something to gain his or her trust.

Drip marketing can accomplish that task - if you do it with an attitude of giving before you get.

It requires a bit of planning - you can't just send a message saying "Here I am and I want your business." Your drip marketing letters need to first show them that you care enough to give them some help or advice with no strings attached.

Obviously, since I'm a copywriter I'd love to help you create a custom drip campaign, or sell you one of my many prospecting letter sets. But maybe you want to write your own drip marketing letters.

To help you write a hard-working, trust-building drip campaign I wrote a free report outlining the steps that will help you organize your materials and construct a set of letters that build, each upon the last, to position you as the person they can trust.

Follow these steps, and by the time your prospects have heard from you 3 or 4 times, they'll trust that you are a person who will help them make the right decisions to benefit their own lives. They'll know that you aren't just trying to use them for your own benefit.

Fill in the blanks below, then click the link on the page that pops up.

Please call or write if you have questions or comments,

Marte Cliff, Copywriter to the Real Estate Industry

I specialize in making people eager to use your exceptional service!

P.S. Yes, of course I can help you with custom letters, agent bios, web page copy, custom blog posts, and more.

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