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house in danger of foreclosure

Use these letters to reach homeowners on the brink of foreclosure.

This set of 8 prospecting letters for real estate investors is geared toward those homeowners who do still have a bit of equity, so won't be subject to the delays of a short sale.

For some reason - false hope, procrastination, or a failed attempt at listing and selling - they are now facing foreclosure and the clock is running out. For whatever reason, they're now seriously behind on payments. There's probably not time left to list the house and sell to a buyer who needs appraisals, inspections, and mortgage approval.

The letters each offer to view the house almost immediately and to present a cash offer within days if it meets your needs. Then they promise that you will buy as-is, and close quickly. (You fill in the number of days.)

They stress the fact that the homeowner won't have to do anything - you'll handle cleaning and repairs after the purchase.

These messages offer hope - and the promise that they may not lose everything. Their credit won't suffer the effects of foreclosure, and they may walk away with some cash in their pockets.


Investor letter topics include:

The price? Only $47 for all 8 letters.

Get yours today and reap two rewards: First, you'll purchase the homes you need, and second, you'll become a hero to distressed homeowners who have given up hope.

If these are not quite the letters you need, we also offer Investor Letters for Homes in Probate and Investor letters to absentee owners.



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