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Investors - Do you have the patience, skill, and desire to approach divorcing homeowners with an offer to purchase?

vacant house

If so, here are the prospecting letters you need.


This set of 6 letters includes 5 letters to divorcing couples and one to attorneys.

Letters to the divorcing couples focus on issues such as:

What it means to sell to you:

Other Important facts:

Of course the letters stress the fact that calling you carries no obligation - they can see what you have to say before making any decisions.

The letter to an attorney is an introduction that outlines the reasons why some of their clients might find it advantageous to sell to you, right away, for cash.

The price? Only $37 for all six letters.



Wishing you boundless prosperity,

P.S. We offer investor letters for homes in probate, to owners of vacant homes, and to owners who are behind on their payments.

P.P.S. Yes, of course I can help you with both web copy and customized prospecting letters - just get in touch. Write me

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