Do you specialize in helping distressed homeowners?

Do you know how to list homes at the right price to bring swift offers?

Are you skilled at getting short sales approved and closed?

If so, it's only right to let homeowners know that you can save them from foreclosure after they've received a notice of default.

So write them a letter...

The "Notice of Default" real estate letter set is similar to the Short Sale letter set, but in addition to offering help with a short sale, it addresses the concerns of homeowners who are not upside down in their homes.

They don't need your skill in negotiating a short sale, but they do need your skill in pricing properly, marketing, and putting "all the ducks in a row" for a fast sale and a quick closing.

Letter #1 introduces their options:

  • Loan Modification
  • Bankruptcy
  • Foreclosure
  • A quick sale (for those with equity)
  • A Short Sale
And of course, it positions the quick sale and the short sale as the best options for most.

Letter #1 also helps ease the sting of embarrassment... letting homeowners know they are not alone.

This year I've added two letters that explain the danger of foreclosure. One defines the "Zombie Foreclosure" that your prospects may be hearing about in the news. The other tells why it's dangerous to wait and allow a foreclosure - the very real threat that the Homeowners Debt Relief Act of 2007 won't be extended past December 31, 2013.

Each of the 6 letters, by offering advice and understanding, demonstrates why you are the agent to trust. Each also includes a call to action - but without shouting.

And unless other agents in your market are all a cut above the norm, your letters will stand out for that very reason. While several agents may be monitoring the default notices in the newspaper and writing to those homeowners, most will send some variation of the old "I'm here. I'm wonderful. I want your business. Pick me."

Now I'm sure that if you have some free days for writing and if you like to write, you can create those real estate letters yourself. But do you have that free time?

And is writing the best use of your time when you can order my set of 6 Notice of Default prospecting letters right now and have them ready to transfer onto your letterhead or into your autoresponder within minutes?

You can use them either way. If you know which homeowners you want to contact, you can put them in the mail, or even hand-deliver them if that's your style.

But you can ALSO set up a drip marketing autoresponder on your website, offering the first report and capturing names so you can automatically send the other 5. For some homeowners, getting your information without first calling feels safer - and gives them an opportunity to evaluate you without committing themselves to a personal call.

Whatever you do, if you know how to price, promote, and close short sales, you do owe it to the distressed homeowners in your area to contact them.

Letting them list with an agent who can't help is simply cruel.

The Notice of Default Real Estate Prospecting Letter set is offered to you today for only $47.

Can you afford not to use it?

So, order now, and get your notice of default real estate letters ready to send before the day ends!

Yours for prosperity,

Note: These letters are for sellers whose equity position is unknown to you. If you KNOW that they have equity, use the Notice of Default with Equity letters instead.

P.S. With your purchase you'll receive a complimentary subscription to my weekly real estate marketing ezine. But of course, you can opt out at any time.

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