Investors - Prospecting to Purchase Homes in Probate Requires a Gentle Touch

Here are the letters you need...

Prospecting to estate executors isn't like prospecting to anyone else.

Writing to those who are bereaved requires a gentle, respectful, subdued approach - even when what you propose may help them a great deal.

You and I know there are a few very good reasons for selling a house before probate is finished, especially if that house has a mortgage or if there are numerous heirs. This set of 6 letters plus a special report outlines those good reasons without being pushy.

Each letter offers to solve a pressing problem by making an almost immediate purchase of the house - as is. Each letter invites the executor to call and discuss the possibilities with no obligation. One letter offers the benefits of selling to you over listing with an agent.

The special report is a one page document that summarizes the benefits of selling to you, now, rather than waiting until probate is finished and listing the house.

Priced at only $47 for all 7 pieces, these letters will convey your compassion while making it clear that calling you can solve one of the executor's most complicated, time-consuming problems.

Wishing you boundless prosperity,

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