Professional real estate writing services

Why use professionally written real estate letters?

To eliminate those annoying gaps between commission checks.

You probably already know why you experience those gaps in income -

they happen because when you're busy with current clients you don't find time to prospect or to stay in touch with people who could refer business to you. Then when the final transaction closes, you have to start all over from a state of virtual "unemployment."

Well-written real estate letters used in a drip marketing campaign can put an end to those gaps between checks.

Those panicky times of "temporary unemployment" happen because you simply can't find the time to prospect for new clients or to follow up with every lead. And it's easy to see why. When you're working hard trying to get everything done for transactions in progress, there aren't many extra hours in a day.

But that doesn't make it less important. The prospecting, marketing, and follow-up you do today is what will lead to income 60 or 90 days from now.

And that's why I wrote a series of real estate letters for you that can work on autopilot to perform three vital functions:

Whether you prospect from lists such as the default notices, from inquiries to your website, from expired notices in your MLS, or from FSBO signs, or you've chosen a geographic farm area, these real estate letters build trust before your prospects even meet you...

And more and more, success is all about building trust. It's about showing people that you're interested in helping them - and not just interested in your own income. It's about demonstrating your abilities, and about showing that you're reliable.

When people haven't met you in person, it's about sending the right words in every real estate letter you mail or e-mail.

Now - Real Estate Prospecting Letters You Can Use Today

Now you can send those "right words" - starting this very day - and you don't have to take the time to write them.

Introducing: The Real Estate Letter Sets

Now you can choose from an assortment of real estate prospecting letters, pre-written by a professional real estate copywriter, and ready to personalize and plug into your autoresponder or use in postal mail for drip marketing.

If you've got one spare hour, you can put these letters to work this very day.

The letters in each set are designed to give your prospects good information, while at the same time demonstrating why they need you. Each letter builds upon the last to reinforce this idea. And, because each letter offers advice and information rather than high pressure sales, each serves to increase their trust in you. But of course each one does invite them to call or e-mail to get in touch.

That does mean that when they contact you personally, you'll have to make some time to talk with them. But talking to someone who has raised their hand to say "yes, I need you" is different from following up on lukewarm leads. These are people who are ready to take action.

NOTE - if you're an investor, go here to find the letter sets written just for you.

Marte, thank you for writing such fresh sales and prospecting letters for today’s real estate agent! Your unique writing style is professional but very personable as well.

I’m confident using these letters will position me to help more homeowners with their real estate needs.

Nia Young, Realtor, ASP

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If you don't know me, you may be worried that my letters will be more of the same kind you were sorry you purchased in the past. If that's the case, cick below to visit my freebies page and get some sample letters.

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Will you be working during the holiday season? Then get some listings to show! This set encourages homeowners to go ahead and list during the holidays. Since only serious buyers are looking during that time, your effort will likely result in a signed-around purchase and sale agreement.

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Letters for staying in touch

Your past clients and your sphere of influence are two of the richest sources of future business you can have. These letters will help you stay in touch with those valuable individuals who can and will give you referrals and repeat business:

Real Estate Prospecting Letters For Sellers

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For Buyers

Letters for Real Estate Investors

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Put these real estate letters on autopilot...

In less than the time it takes a real estate copywriter to compose just one good letter, you can have an entire set of real estate letters personalized and loaded into your autoresponder for a drip marketing campaign.

Or, you can use this easy system to make sure they get into the postal mail.

I've taken the hard work out and made it easy for you to begin capturing those leads as soon as today.

So - are you serious about following up on leads? If you are, take a minute right now to follow the links to read more about each set, or simply order your set(s).

Don't wait while a competitor snags another listing or that buyer that you want...

Wishing you boundless prosperity,

P.S. Yes, of course I can help you with customized prospecting letters - just get in touch and I'll create one or a hundred just for you. Real estate copywriting is my specialty, so I'll also create compelling web copy, including agent bios that show prospects why YOU are the right agent for them.

Write me at:

P.P.S. Do you like discounts?

You can get 15% off any time you purchase 2 real estate letter sets at the same time - the code is: Wednesday
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